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Six Mythbusters about Managed IT Service Provider

Digital Transformation in offices is going at a higher pace as expected by others. Businesses that are adopting digital adept are outranking their competitors with better technology MSPs are providing.

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Accelerate Business Growth
  3. Implementing New Technology.

Managed Service Providers specifically exist to maintain an organization’s IT environment. An IT environment is comprised of Infrastructure, Applications, and Security.

Due to various other responsibilities, an organization is not able to focus on the Business Process Automations, transforming IT Infrastructure, or optimizing in-house costs.

A Managed IT company enables a company to fill all such gaps and helps an organization to achieve all the business objectives with the help of their external staff.

So, hiring an MSP is a great idea, but before you thought of hiring one, let’s talk about its misconceptions.

Myth #1: MSP costs you heavily in your pockets

This is the most common misconception about MSP, where the decision-makers of an organization think about high costs.

Reality is just the opposite, where an MSP bills you lower than the ownership costs. Maintaining an IT infrastructure using an MSP can be more cost-friendly than ownership. MSP takes the sole responsibility of your IT landscape, with best assistance & best class IT support with lesser costs than your own maintenance cost.The cost of MSP will always be lower in the following aspects i.e.

  1. Cost of infrastructure,
  2. Resources,
  3. Training and skill development,
  4. Constant application upgrades,
  5. and time.

Take ride-sharing services as an example, where you are free of maintenance costs of a bus or a cab. In this case, you just have to pay for ride services and your journey will be completed using them.

In another case, the maintenance of cars owned by you will always have more maintenance costs than others.

There are many more ways by which an MSP helps you to lower the costs of an IT operation by a few automation & replacing software with SaaS applications.

Myth #2: MSP will replace our Internal IT team

MSP is not a replacement for your internal IT Team but is made to enhance your team’s efficiency.

An MSP identifies the repetitive tasks & automates them on a scale so that your Internal Team can focus on more productive tasks and reduces the time being spent on various IT operations of an organization.

With optimized strategies, an MSP helps an organization streamline the tasks and maximize its efficiency. MSP is not to lay off your current employees but becomes an efficient right hand who helps you in various tasks of your organization. MSP prioritizes the operations of your IT department & finds ways of optimizing it.   

Myth #3: Our data is at risk

Data breaches & cyber threats have increased exponentially after WFM has become mandatory. There are some norms created for organizations helpful in maintaining a security standard & technological advancements in data security.

Any shortfall in the security of your IT infrastructure can lead to irreversible damage to your data and IT assets. People who are business-oriented are not considered security experts, the MSP team fills the gap in this place.

MSP team is an expert in creating a secure & robust IT ecosystem. MSP builds security rules to engage and design a secure and compliant environment to protect services & data seamlessly.

Myth #4: Less control over IT operations

A very common myth that occurs in people is that after MSP is hired, the control of your IT operations will become dormant.

The truth is while you hire an MSP, the company decides the level of authority and delegation that is allowed to an MSP.

Relation & deals with an MSP are based on

  1. Setting clear access
  2. Scope of Services
  3. Strong service level agreement

MSP works with client’s suggestions, recommendations, and requirements. This helps a business to create an extension of an organization.  

A good MSP will have suggestions and recommendations in accordance with the customer’s requirements and expectations, and will always serve as an extension to their existing business.

Myth #5: Responsibility conflicts over MSP & Client

This happens when a business organization doesn’t have a clear vision over its goals. Hiring an MSP is a huge decision and it should have clear goals of doing so.

An organization must be crystal clear before hiring an MSP with clarity on roles and responsibilities for MSP providers. This is discussed before an MSP is hired so that no conflict happens while operating. A clear distinction of roles and responsibilities must be documented before you hire an MSP.

At last, to improve the workflow, an MSP and the organization has to work together in synergy to achieve the goals of the organization.

Myth #6: Only enterprise-sized businesses can use MSPs

One common misconception is that only big corporations hire outsourced managed service professionals. In fact, small and medium-sized businesses will often benefit more from working with an MSP. After all, large businesses tend to have dedicated IT to secure data and maintain their systems.

Smaller businesses tend to rely on someone internally to be the ‘IT Guy. This individual is often employed in another role but gets dragged away when there’s a paper jam in the printer. They may be ‘good at IT’ but they are likely to put on sticky plasters, not getting to the root cause of issues.

Outsourcing gives any business access to skilled IT specialists. They are specialists in securing data, managing networks, and user access. You get top talent and best practices, without having to add employees to your roster.