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What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Service Provider is a third-party service provider that acts as an extension for administration & management responsibilities.  An increase in demand is generally seen to install new technology which helps in competitive advantage and growth with a limited budget. Managed Service provider helps in getting advanced technologies to the small organization.

Benefits of choosing Pinakin's Managed Services

We offer following Managed IT Services.

Network Operations

Network Administration consists of multiple tasks that are required to help in the smooth functioning of a network. To maintain all the network operations, a network administrator is required.


Pinakin offers Database consultancy & DBA services via trained professionals in the domain who can manage your business’s database to achieve robust performance. 

Remote Infrastructure Management

Every organisation is distinct in thier own way, after knowing them, Pinakin ensures the systems stays online & boost their performance.

Security Operations

SOC team includes security analysts, security engineers, and managers who monitor identity and network access operations and implement the necessary security check to prevent any attack and keep updating the clients with the information about the latest threats seen across the world.


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PinakinIT highly skilled Banner DBA and programmer analyst can cater to your Banner DBA need, we focus on understanding customer requirements and believe in offering tailor-made solutions to best fit their requirements.

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Network Administration is all about maintaining all the network operations, a network administrator is required. Network administrators check upon hardware troubleshooting, cable slinging & data monitoring.

Email Migration

Your important e-mails can be migrated to a cloud with best migration plan of action created by trained people. Every step of migration is done under keen observation so minimize data loss.

Application Design &

We design & develop mobile application specifically for the business(regardless of platform iOS & Android). Mobile Apps are a great way in increase of revenue & transform the workflow of organisations

Backup & Recovery

Our Backup & recovery service enables easy backups of workloads running in physical & virtual environment. Pinakin ensures 99% data recovery through regular backups.

Why choose us?

Certified Experts

Pinakin provides certified professionals who are experienced & knowledgeable in specific domains.

Customized Solutions

We provide custom solutions which are made specifically for your organization and enhance your processes.

Proactive Approach

Pinakin is always ready with a contingency plan for upcoming future disruptions possibility in your organization.

Dedicated Support

We provide support to our clients i.e. technical & non-technical to services which are offered by us.


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