Security Operations Centre

SOC is a team of people who are dedicated to analyzing traffic flow & monitoring threats & attacks. In the 21st century & post-pandemic, organizations of all sizes work on securing their cyber resources & technical assets. Outsourcing a SOC team has been the most recent trend for it. Organizations that want to employ a full-time IT security team with budget issues partner with a Managed IT company like Pinakin.

SOC team includes security analysts, security engineers, and managers who monitor identity and network access operations and implement the necessary security check to prevent any attack and keep updating the clients with the information about the latest threats being occurred across the world. SOC team works together to ensure security issues upon discovery.

Benefits of having a Security Operations Center

SOC helps in improving the security incident detection using continuous monitoring & analysis of data activity. After all the activity analysis on the network, endpoint servers, databases, the SOC team ensures timely detection and response of security incidents.  24/7 monitoring provided by a SOC helps an organization to defend against intrusions regardless of source, time of day, or attack type.

What we Offer 

The experience of our trained cybersecurity practitioners will help you to secure your cyberspace. Our services show a rapid decrease in security threats. We offer custom cybersecurity services for businesses and transform your security over the web.

  1. Network Security Assessment.
  2. Review and recommend.
  3. Remediate.
  4. Protect.
SOC Services

Network Security Assessments:

    • Vulnerability scan.
    • Penetration Testing.
    • Active Directory Privileged Access Audit.
    • Microsoft Office 365 Security Audit.
    • Network Firewall Audit.
    • On-premises Exchange Server Audit.

Review and recommend

    • Review the Network Security Assessment results.
    • Recommend best practices based out on Network Security Assessment.


    • Implement the changes to remediate the security-related issues.


    • Implement the necessary policies or checks to protect the network.
    • Schedule the necessary tasks to mitigate security threats.
    • Enable Email alerts and reports.

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